Monday, March 5, 2012

Well, found a different job that will fit me better. 3rd shift at a local lumber mill. Nice place, been there for a long time. Make trim and mouldings so no really big saw blades to avoid. I do get some nice oak stuff that works well in the wood burner.
Should allow time for me to keep working on things around here.
Not much happening n the homestead front. We started some Alpine strawberries. They are an everbearer and don't run which is totally different from any we've had before. Read about them in a Victory Garden book.
Looking at building a hoop house and trying to get something going in the garden early. Time to start getting stuff in the starter trays and get the grow lights cranked up.
Priced field corn last week, ouch! But paying now is better than buying corn next winter. If the stuff grows well....