Friday, December 23, 2011

Well the new job pays well but on 2nd shift I work 52 hours a week and there isn't much time to do a lot of extra stuff.
Luckily it's winter and there isn't much to do except keep the animals fed and the wood pile cut up.
But this spring I think I will be a pretty tired guy trying to get everything done.
Kind of funny weather, 2 days till Christmas and it will be above freezing. Not complaining too hard though...
Have some hay to get around while Chris is off from school and lots of wood to cut up yet. Will soon be looking through the seed catalogs too!!
We had Smith Brothers come out and take care of the 3 piggies. Sold 2 of them and kept 1. Very tasty stuff indeed. I hope to be able to plant some corn this coming year so we can do more pigs.
The cows are all shaggy for winter and the goats are dried off and hopefully pregnant. Gwen looks really loaded, Tammy is hoping for triplets....
Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.