Friday, October 14, 2011

another day

Well it took all week but the hay dried down and we got it baled up. Pretty disappointing production though, only 2 wagon loads.
Have to feed some of it out right away as the last few were baled late Monday night. Almost missed 4H!
Finally found a job this week. I will be working at Merrill Iron and Steel as a 2nd shift maintenance man. Pretty big place, looks like it will be interesting work.
Finished helping our neighbor lay tile at his new place. Almost 2000 sq ft of marble wrists are worn out from all the trowel and sponge work.
The piggies have the garden all tilled up. Knocked down all the corn stalks...all I need to do is spread some chicken manure and run the disc across it in the spring. They will be going to freezer camp on the 18th.
Brother in law came up and we butchered some chickens. He took 13 home. Quite a load of meat. We need to finish the rest up.
Have to get all the firewood cut and split yet as well. And this year I'd like to haul the hay up and tarp it instead of continually plowing the driveway out all the way to the shed in back. We'll have to see how things go.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

cutting hay

Well I did get to start cutting hay last night and it looks delicious.
I'll see if I can get some videos to work on here....

Monday, October 3, 2011

Another week

Been pretty busy since I restarted the blog. Tammy has been a blur out in the kitchen canning and drying the last of the garden stuff. Lots of tomatoes are in, she made up a few quarts of apple pie filling and we done 2 dryer loads of celery. Still have almost a bushel of apples to do, another load of celery, a load or so of carrots, and will have to see how her dried tomatoes turn out.
I've been helping a neighbor tile a few rooms in his new house. This weekend I ran the electric netting around and made a pasture for the goats. Then proceeded to fork out the accumulation of manure and bedding in their pen. I have 7 loads done and maybe one more to go.
Tammy spent yesterday afternoon working on fencing in a new pen for her piggies. Basically she did the garden and will let them run through there for a couple of weeks. I believe they will go away the 18th.
Today I am going to cut some hay. We look to have a week of good weather and it would be nice to get a third crop of the new seeding.