Saturday, November 10, 2012

Winter is closing in. Decided to lay off the wood heat this year. We have some left and will burn through that, but overall we will be using the gas furnace this year.
The wood burner is getting rather decrepit and the pipe in the chimney isn't up to code. The insurance company is making noises about it, so we will be disconnecting it when the wood runs out.
Can't say I'll miss the extra work involved....
Went to the mill yesterday and prebought our seed corn for next year. 10% discount for stuff bought now. We only bought needed one bag, but with the drought last year and tight seed supplies, it's nice to know we will have it.
I forgot to mention that this fall we finally finished a project that has been in the works since 2005.
Before we got all involved with the self sufficiency thing and the farming thing we started running a brick walkway around 2 sides of the house. We got one side done along with a nice little pond and then we started finding all kinds of other things to do. THis fall Tammy finally cracked the whip and we finished running the walkway on the front of the house. Doesn't look too bad either.
This is how it looked in 2005. And here are some pics of the final run

Bout it for this post. Stay warm!