Thursday, July 5, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

A few pictures
Our first batch of 27 birds. We will get another 25 in a couple of weeks.
Went out to check the corn on Emily's birthday and found it this tall!!!
Bo looks a little small but he's headed out to freezer camp anyway.
been pretty busy since the last post. We currently have no hay to make. Neighbor sold the stuff around us and the other neighbor decided to do something else with the ground we used by him. Had a chance to make some organic hay but passed it up. Not really in a postion to go far to make hay this year.
Got our birds on the 7th of June and they are looking good. Sold the last of the goats yesterday, will have to see how they did at the auction. Got Bo rounded up and tied off for his date with Smith Brothers Meats tomorrow. Just have to get a trailer together and get the other 3 moved around. Chris wants to sell Big Money and I have been asked for the use of Handsome Jack. Fireball will probably either go with him or get tied in the shed to tame up a bit. Corn is looking incredible. We got some rain at an opportune time and good sunny hot days since. I am hoping it will be head high by the 4th of July. Garden is doing OK where the goats didn't eat everything. Looks like lotsa pickles coming on.
Tammy was thinking about doing something at a local farmers market but I don't think we have enough to bother, we'll have to see. This market looks to be one we would be interested in. No crafts and you can only sell produce you raised, no buying at the Amish produce auction or Sam's Club or where ever and reselling. So this year looks like it will be sort of a rebuilding year. The pastures could use a bit of work and I would like to re-do some of the fence and buildings. Now if the heat would back off a bit so we could get something accomplished without sweating to death.....