Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our little heifer Fireball who has been with us from the day she was born
Has been growing up and hopefully is bred
So we decided to remove the goat pen and install a tie stall and keep her for a family milk cow. Here are some pics of the installation. The last remaining bit of goat pen, the kid cave.
Here we figured out where the stall was going and started knocking out the concrete

Then we formed the curb and set the stall

Mixed and poured new cement

And finally removed the form after a day

Should be a nice place to keep Fireball over the winter and at night during the summer. We hope to pour a 2" slab in the stall to help keep her cleaner but that might have to wait. Looks like winter is fast approaching.
Finished the corn a week ago or so. Got 4 loads total. Here are some pics of the last load being made

And a video
Looks like we should have plenty of corn to feed Tammys pigs next year!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Last time I planted corn my stupid corn picker broke when it was harvest time and I ended up picking a bunch by hand and losing a lot of it to the weather. This year however the picker I am using is working flawlessly and the corn is coming off quite well. Pretty good crop so far this year, not as much as I'd hoped for but more than I expected after the drought hit.
Still enough to make shovelling it all into my makeshift cribs a process I would not care to do every day.
So here are a few pics of the stuff..

SHould be plenty for raising a few pigs next year, and if Fireball has a bull calf we can feed him out on the Tender Leen program and not have to use much hay.
Here's a couple of videos too..