Sunday, April 29, 2012

Had a bit of bad news here. The neighbor sold his farmland so we are out 20 acres of hay. The other neighbor is thinking about plowing down his small hay field that we make.
Lost a bit of land when the sale of the farm went through. We were told that we owned up to the fenceline but the stakes show we own up to about 15' from the fence so we lost a chunk of garden and will have to move more than a few raspberry plants.
We are reducing the number of animals around here and with the hay we have in the shed should have enough hay to keep a couple of goats and a beefer around for a while. But 20 goats and 4 cows might be a stretch.....
Cutting back on chickens this year as well, feed costs are horrible. Our friendly counter person at the feed mill said she can trim a few bucks off the bill by mixing something up so we will try that on a small scale this year.
Got some plowing done but still have to clean out the goat shed before we can get the rest of the plowing done.
Will be planting 3 or so acres of corn this year in the hopes of having pigs next year. Tammy really liked her pigs....
We should have enough pasture for the year if we move a couple of the cows. Chris wants to sell Big Money, and I have someone who might take Jack as a jumper bull for a while.
Garden is ready to plant, Chris and I cleaned the chicken coop out then I disced it in. Tammy has run the tiller over it a couple of times.
Have a lot of fence to make this year. Beat myself over the head with the post pounder last week. I think I might have given myself a slight concussion, still get a little dizzy once in a while   course Tammy says I'm always dizzy ;-)

Bout it for now

Enjoy the field work videos