Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Doing a little shuffling around and decided to upgrade from the old Allis WD to a Case 611B. It needs a little attention here and there, but overall it's a nice little tractor and I've always been partial to Case stuff.

Garden is getting along nicely. Found a Simplicity with a deck and tiller so if I can figure out how to attach the thing, next year Tammy can till in style. Also picked up a smaller tiller in a pile of stuff for 125 bucks. It didn't work but Tammy changed the primer bulb and it took right off. So we made out well on that deal.
Yellow transparent tree is loaded and they should be ready to eat and make jelly pretty soon.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

summertime is here

Summer has finally arrived. Been a pretty crappy spring. Missed the chance to plant our field corn due to some mechanical difficulties with the tractor and an overaboundance of rain. Since we need ripe cob corn it had to be in early and we missed it. Oh well, there's always next year. Sold last years corn for 170 a ton and have used that money to get a few things for around the place. Tammu got a nice used lawn mower and I got a nice used tractor. The only animals around the place this year are the 2 dogs and 25 chickens. The chicks arrived Jun 6 and are all ready moved from the brooder into the coop and I think I'll let them access the outside this week. Made 1 acre of hay so far and of course it got rained on. Weatherman said good to go for 4 days and it poured on the 3rd day.... Did get it dried out and baled but it isn't the greatest. 2nd crop should be beter I hope. So here is some of the garden

Here is the lawn mower

Here are the chicks.

And here is the new tractor