Sunday, September 8, 2013

September is here, summer is almost played out. It has tried to make a comeback the last couple of days though. Chris and I spent Saturday at a local machinery consignment auction and it was pretty hot. I had to find a shady spot a couple of times and we left before it was over because we just couldn't stand it anymore.
Friends of ours dropped off a rooster last night because all they wanted were nice spot free eggs from their hens. I hear him exercising his crowing apparatus just now at 5am. I think he will go along with the rest of the birds when it is time to get processed. We found a place that will do it for $2.55 a bird and since Tammy wants them with the skin on this year that's what we will be doing.
Tammy has been busy around the place, she had me cut down a few of the arbor vitae trees along the driveway so the pond would have more room and that looks nice. She made a batch of plum jelly yesterday and it is divine as was her applesauce. Tomatoes are coming on and salsa and spaghetti sauce are in the works.
Bought a combine at the auction yesterday. Hope to get it home today, should be an adventure...
The second crop hay turned out a bit nicer than the first crop but there wasn't a whole lot of it. Here are a couple of pics of the baling.

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