Sunday, June 29, 2014

Been a busy month.
Corn is looking pretty good for getting a late start. It was over waist high today.

The chickens got moved out to their coop this week. I was going to wait to open their hatch to the yard but I opened it today. They aren't too interested in going outside yet though.

The garden is looking good. Been keeping ahead of the weeds for the most part. Tammy has been giving her new tiller a workout.

Didn't have any plans on making hay this year but the neighbor asked if we wanted to make some on his land for 3/4 of the hay. So we got to try out the new tractor on the baler and Chris got to stack while I drove. At least for the first wagon.

And after a few years without them, goats are back on the place. Found a deal on some does that I couldn't pass up so Chris and I went and picked 4 up. We got 2 yearling Alpines and 2 of this springs Saanens.They look like decent animals.

Chris and I pulled out a lean to I had behind the garage and made a little fence so they have a place to stay at night and we use the electro-netting to make them new pasture as needed. They can really eat!

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